C-Suite Badass Retreat

The C-Suite is Calling. Are You Badass Enough to Answer?

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 It’s time to roll up your sleeves, kick off your heels, Birkenstocks, whatever, and get to work!




You are cordially invited to take charge of your career and help make your professional dreams come true by taking your rightful place as a C-Suite Badass.

No matter your current role, be it top-level executive or new to the management world, Monica’s proprietary framework can help you navigate the sometimes-treacherous waters of corporate America, uncover what’s holding you back, and assess what strengths you have to help you achieve even bigger success.

The answers are in the C-Suite Badass Secret Sauce



By reviewing your personality assessments we find out which one suites you best based on your goals, challenge your story and harness its power for good, and fill and embrace the gaps that exist within your story.


Confidence is key, but it’s not always easy. Our proprietary framework will help you develop the confidence necessary to silence the doubting voices in your head, and slay conversations with peers, direct reports, and executives.


How do you show up? Are you fully engaged? Does your business acumen need help? Does your look exude confidence and badassery? Learn to own the room, communicate through body language, and dress to impress.

In order to establish your foundation for success, we dig deep to figure out how you can develop the competence, confidence, and composure needed to occupy your version of the C-Suite.

Each weekend retreat is tailored to whatever level you are at in your professional career. Whether you’re a front-line manager, Director, Vice President, or above the VP level, we’ll help you uncover a new level of badassery that will help you achieve continued success. All retreats provide a quaint, personal atmosphere allowing us to really dig in and get to work.

Participation is limited to 6. Retreats are virtual and begin with cocktails Friday night at 7:30 pm and conclude at noon Sunday.

Contact us for more information and to book your inaugural retreat today!

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We understand! Sometimes retreats may be difficult for you to get to (but we highly recommend them!). If you want to get a handle on the C’s taught during the retreat but you just can’t “get away” for a virtual weekend, Garnett Consulting can work with you on-on-one.