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Garnett Consulting specializes in helping women that experienced childhood trauma tap into their strengths and have fulfilling careers in corporate roles and/or as an entrepreneur.

Life & Career Coaching

Using ICF principles, we have an authentic approach to coaching and want to help 1,000 people in the next 6 months get unstuck. Will you be one of them?

Talent Acquisition

Let our trusted and confidential talent  candidate search process help build your team one position at at time.

Outplacement Service

Help ease the transition when reducing headcount through our high touch outplacement services.

My New Book is Coming Soon:

“Faded Red Beads”

I have spent the better part of my life trying to understand the circumstances that led to being given away at birth. Thoughts include: Why me when the rest of my siblings were “kept,” not having a sense of belonging, thinking I didn’t matter, that I’m different and to some extent fighting for my voice. However there are the moments where I take a birds-eye view of my early years and say, “They made the right decision.” Other times, I feel deprived, ashamed, directionless, lagging behind my peers and angry. Like there is something missing.

It is my faith that has allowed me to experience a sense of reconciliation. It is my faith that continues to get me through the mountains and valleys that are sure to come. Faith – moving with certainty that something bigger than me is my compass and I will not fail. This is my story.

What we do for you

Our Coaching programs partner with women that feel lost, abandoned, hold resentment, angry, no sense of purpose, feel like they are lagging behind their peers, etc. Program outcomes may include but not limited to:


Detailed personal & professional development plans


Awareness, self-regulation & mindset changes


Career transition


Getting that raise or promotion


Renewed passion for career


Assessments & Development Plans

“Monica was instrumental in assisting us with a more thorough hiring process.” – Natalie R.

C-Suite Badass Retreat

Join Monica at the C-Suite Badass Retreat. Don’t be fooled, the weekend is filled with unique approaches around three key areas. So, get there! You will not regret this life-changing event.

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